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Advantages and Working Principles of Water Cooled Industrial Chillers

Ⅰ. Working principle of water cooled industrial chillers

We will introduce the working principle of the water cooled industrial chiller as follow. The water cooled industrial chiller is composed of an electric control system, a refrigeration system, a cooling water circulation system and a chilled water circulation system. The refrigerant is compressed in the compressor to form a gas-liquid mixture, and the heat is transferred to the cooling water after being condensed in the condenser. The refrigerant absorbs heat in the evaporator under the control of the throttling device and gradually vaporizes. Then, it is sucked into the compressor to enter the next cycle.

Ⅱ. The advantages of water cooled industrial chillers

1. Compared with air-cooled chillers, water cooled industrial chillers are safer in operation and are more conducive to maintenance and repair.

2. Compared with water cooled units and air-cooled units with the same cooling capacity, the overall power consumption of water cooled industrial chillers includes the power consumption of cooling water pumps and cooling tower fans. Most importantly, It is only 70% of the power consumption of air-cooled units, which is energy-saving and power-saving.

3. Water cooled industrial chillers generally use high-quality compressors with superior performance, built-in safety protection system, low noise, safe, reliable and durable.

4. Water cooled industrial chillers adopt advanced high-end shell-and-tube condensers and evaporators, which can efficiently exchange heat and have fast heat dissipation. Besides, water cooled industrial chillers with highly energy-efficient are small in size, compact in structure and beautiful in appearance.

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