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An Easy and Effective Method to Clean Guide Rails

In the daily use of engraving machine guide rails, regular thorough cleaning should be conducted. Otherwise, the guide rails will be easy to break. Thus, the cleanliness of engraving machines' guide rails has gradually become a problem that concerns many users. However, how to use easier and more effective methods to clean guide rails?

There are several points provided by HYCNC:

Precision equipment is called precision apparatus because of its high precision. They can significantly improve the efficiency and operating precision during the operation, so the cleaning of the parts of precesion machines will have great impacts on the precision of guide rails and its operation. The guide rail of engraving machines is mainly used for CNC machines and is responsible for transferring, supporting, and leading the parts to move linearly toward the given direction. The process of this operation is mainly through rolling friction. Compared with the previous sliding friction, the rolling friction can not only help the level of the guide rail's abrasion to decrease heavily,but it can also largely extend the service life of the linear guide.

As one of the core CNC router parts of the guide rail, the linear axis can improve the smoothness and accuracy of the guide rail during operation, thereby improving the positioning accuracy and product quality of the machine tool during operation. Therefore, when processing parts by using machine tools, the surface of guide rails will accumulate lots of dust and debris. If these impurities exist for a long time, they will not only generate eroded points on the surface of guide rails but also damage the equipment if the situation is serious, so the corresponding regular cleaning is very important for the guide rails of engraving machines.   


One of the easy ways to clean the circular and linear rails is to first use a dry cotton cloth to wipe the moving linear guide rail until it looks bright and clean. Then, add some lubricating oil and slowly push oil around so that the lubrication can be distributed evenly.  

The functions of the guide rails of engraving machines are guidance and support. To ensure the high processing precision of machine tools, the linear guide rails must have high guiding precision and good kinetic stability. When operating the equipment, processed parts will generate a lot of corrosive dust and smoke during the process. These fumes can be deposited on the surface of the guide rails and the linear axis for a long time, and form corrosion spots on the surface of the linear axis of the guide rails, thereby shortening the service life of the equipment. In order to make machine tools work normally and stably and to ensure the quality of products, the daily maintenance for guides and linear axes must be done.

As a result, in the course of normal use, operators should use lubricants regularly and ensure every part of the engraving machine's guide rail to be well lubricated and kept in a lubricated state. By doing so, we can not only prevent the guide rail from the corrosion caused by the long-time placement but also reduce the abrasion of the guide rail.

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