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Automatic Control of Lubrication System in CNC Machine

1. Lubrication system in CNC machine: Automatic control of the temperature of the machine

When the machine starts to run, the gear pump is driven by the host to run the oil from the lubricating oil tank into each part of the machine that needs to be lubricated. After one cycle, it enters the lubricating oil tank through the oil return hole. In this process of the lubrication system in CNC machine, if the actual oil tank temperature does not match the set value, the automatic control system will start the lubricating oil tank temperature measurement and control circuit. The temperature of the fuel tank is always maintained at the set temperature value by heating or cooling. Too much or too little lubricating oil will not work, it will produce waste and excessive heat, which is neither reasonable nor economical. Therefore, the lubrication systems in CNC machine adopt regular and quantitative working methods to ensure that the system's oil volume can be evenly supplied.

2. The lubrication system in CNC machine: the automatic control of the machine oil volume

If the lubrication cycle and lubrication time are single, it will cause waste. The amount of lubricant required in CNC machine is different under different working conditions. For example, the amount of lubricant required during the machine's pause phase is less than that of the machining phase. 

The lubrication system in CNC machine can form a complete oil film only if there is enough lubricating oil on the surface of the machine. At this time, it can ensure that the wear of the machine is reduced, that is, maintain a constant amount of oil for the friction surfaces to form an oil film. In order to be able to configure CNC machine tools, people generally use an approximate oil supply method to control the lubrication pumps for CNC machines, so that we can control the amount of lubricating oil in the lubrication pump for CNC machine according to different working conditions, and let the control system automatically adjust the working frequency and working time of the lubricating pump for CNC machine, which will decrease when it should be reduced, and increase when it should be increased.

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