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Choose a Water or Air Cooling Pump, Still Bother You?

For CNC routers, there are 6 main differences between air cooling pumps and water cooling pumps:

1. Price: In general, air-cooled pump is more pricy than the traditional water-cooling vacuum pump. This situation is even more obvious for the vacuum pumps that are produced by those domestic well-known brands.

2. Sizes: Normally, the water cooled vacuum pump is large than air cooled vacuum pump, cause the water cooling pump has to be equipped with a water tank.

3. Noise: Generally speaking, the air-cooled vacuum pump is quieter than the water one. 

4. Power:Under the same electric power, the water cooling pump will be more powerful than the air cooling pump. Usually, CNC router adsorption platform supports power ranging from 5.5kw to 11kw. And the smaller the power, the smaller the adsorption power. Thus, if you are choosing your cooling pumps, the ones with power below 5.5kw are not recommended.

5. Maintenance: CNC router air vacuum pump has no consumable parts. Thus, it is more convenient and efficient than the water cooling pump in terms of maintenance. On the contrary, the water cooling vacuum pump needs to regularly add water so as to lower the temperature.

6. Installation: In terms of installation, the air-cooled vacuum pump is easier to install as the water cooling pump is usually very heavy and not easy to be moved.

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