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Classification of Lubrication System in CNC Machine

The lubrication system in centralized CNC machine can be divided into the lubrication system in single-line damping CNC machine, the lubrication system in progressive CNC machine and the lubrication system in positive displacement CNC machine according to the lubricating elements used.

1. Lubrication system in single-line damping CNC machine

The lubrication system in single-line damping CNC machine is suitable for occasions where the lubrication point in the machine requires relatively little oil and requires periodic oil supply. It uses a damping distributor to distribute the oil from the pump to the lubrication point in a certain proportion. Generally used in circulatory systems, it can also be used in open systems, and can control the amount of oil at the lubrication point by the control of time. The lubrication system in single-line damping CNC machines is very flexible, it can be used with one more lubrication point or one less, and can be installed by the user, and when a certain point is blocked, it does not affect the use of other points, so it is widely used.

2. Lubrication system in progressive CNC machine

The lubrication system in CNC machine (advanced type) is mainly composed of a pump station and a progressive slice diverter, and can be monitored by a control device. One of the charecters of the lubrication system in  progressive CNC machine is able to alarm for any blockage of the lubrication point and terminate the operation to protect the equipment; it has accurate quantification and high pressure, not only can use thin oil, but also apply to the use of grease lubrication. The lubrication points can reach 100 and the pressure can reach 21MPa. The progressive shunt is composed of a bottom plate, an end plate and at least three intermediate plates. A group of valves can have up to 8 intermediate plates, which can lubricate 18 points.

3. Lubrication system in volumetric CNC machine

The system uses a metering valve as a distributor to supply oil to the lubrication point, and a pressure relay is equipped in the system to send a signal when the system oil pressure reaches a predetermined value, so that the motor stops with a delay, and the lubricating oil is supplied from the metering distributor. The system will unload the valve and maintain a minimum pressure to make the metering valve distributor replenish lubrication, and the motor starts again. Repeat this process until the specified lubrication time is reached. The pressure of this system is generally below 50MPa, and there are hundreds of lubrication points. It has a wide range of applications and reliable performance, but it cannot be used as a continuous lubrication system.

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