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Detection of Working Status of Machine Tools by Lubrication System in CNC Machine

1. Detection of working status of machine tools by lubrication system in CNC machine

In the lubrication system of CNC machine, the problem of insufficient oil supply often occurs. Oil consumption or insufficient oil in the tank will cause insufficient oil supply. Common faults include blockage of the oil supply pipeline, failure of the oil pump, and abnormal operation of the diverter. It is precisely because the lubrication system of CNC machine is often prone to failures, it is necessary to strengthen the detection of the lubrication system to avoid the lack of lubrication in the machine, which will cause a fatal blow to the service life of the machine tool.

The overload detection of lubrication system in CNC machine uses overload protection components to protect the return circuit. Once the input signal of the contact is overloaded, the automatic monitoring system will detect the overload and immediately stop the machine to protect the machine.

 The oil level detection of the lubrication system in CNC machine must consume lubricating oil when the machine is working. As time goes by, the lubricating oil will be less and less. Once the minimum oil level appears, the oil level detection system will pass the information to the system for processing. The pressure detection of the lubrication system in CNC machine. Under normal circumstances, when the accumulated running time of the spindle reaches 30 minutes, the pipeline oil pressure should drop to reset the pressure detection switch (from closed to open), and then the motor should be lubricated immediately run for 20 seconds to start pressurization, and then run again and again.

2. Do not ignore the lubrication system in CNC machine 

In the design process of the electrical automatic control of CNC machine, the treatment of the lubrication system in CNC machine must not be ignored, because once it is ignored, then the machine cannot achieve good lubrication according to the predetermined effect when the machine is running. What we should do is to continuously improve and perfect the electrical automatic control of CNC machine to reduce the probability and number of machine failures. Once a problem occurs, it can automatically detect and alarm, and stop the machine when necessary, to protect the machine. In this way, it will greatly improve the reliability of the product.

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