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Do You Know How the CNC Router Power Supply is Damaged?

Ⅰ. What caused the damage to the CNC router power supply?

After the CNC router power supply is damaged, have you understood what caused it? Have you ever thought about how to reduce the power consumption of the CNC router?

Ⅱ. Reasons for the damage of the CNC router power supply

The CNC router power supply is widely used, but there may be many people who encounter damage to the CNC router power supply during use. What is the reason for the damage of the power supply?

There may be several reasons:

1. The power supply of the machine is unstable, and the CNC router is always limited after moving to the place. It is best to connect a regulated power supply separately.

2. The CNC router does not have a good grounding wire, and some places with strong interference are obvious. The machine power supply without a grounding wire has a high probability of burning.

3. The water-cooling cycle of the CNC router spindle is very bad. When the water temperature is overheated, not only the life of the laser tube will be shortened, but also the laser power supply.

4. The laser tube and the laser power supply do not match.

5. The laser tube is not well sealed. If too much dust accumulates on the laser tube, it will form static electricity, which may also affect the life of the CNC router power supply.

6. Improper use and operation, often turning on the power to 100% will also have an impact. Generally, the maximum power is controlled at about 85%.

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