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How to Clean Linear Rails?

1. Clean up the linear rail in time to ensure good operation

The function of the linear rail on the machine tool is to play the role of guiding and supporting . And this role can be said to be very important in production , not only can improve the efficiency of production , the key is to have a good guarantee for the quality of production . It should be said that with linear rails, the precision of machine tool processing can be guaranteed.

In order to ensure such precision, it is necessary for the linear rail to have good guidance in the process of use, and a stable running state is also a necessary condition for machine tool processing.

However, during the operation of such equipment, the use of linear rail rails will occur due to a large amount of dust or smoke in the air. The main reason for these problems is that the surface of the spool of the linear rail rail is relatively Therefore, it is only possible to clean up the dirt in time to ensure the good operation of the linear rail. How to clean the linear rail is a problem that everyone needs to consider.

2. How to clean the linear rail?

In order to ensure the good operation of the linear rail , in order to ensure the quality of the processed workpiece, it is necessary to do a good job in the daily maintenance of the linear rail. For cleaning, be sure to use a rag, be sure to use a soft dry rag, and after cleaning, apply lubricating oil in time.

How to clean linear rails ? The correct operation method is to move the laser head to the right before cleaning, of course, you can also move the laser head to the left. Then the linear rail rail will be presented in front of us. At this time , it is to scrub repeatedly with a clean rag until the guide rail is wiped to a bright level. At this time, the prepared lubricating oil can be evenly coated on the linear rail.

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