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How to Clean the Blocked Water-cooled Spindle of the Engraving Machine

1. Most woodworking engraving machines use water cooled spindles

Numerical control woodworking engraving machine quickly won the favor of many customers with its fast engraving efficiency and superb engraving technology, especially the old carpenters are gradually exhausted, and the young people are unwilling to engage in the heavy and boring woodworking engraving process. Now the woodworking engraving craft is facing the danger of disappearance. With a large number of woodworking engraving machines being enriched into the market, due to the lack of professional operators, there will often be some small problems in the process of use and no one knows how to solve them.

Due to the processing characteristics of woodworking engraving machines, most of the current engraving spindles are currently selected water cooled spindles, and the water cooled spindles need to use water circulation for cooling, and ensure that the water circulation cannot be interrupted during the engraving process. Many customers pay little attention to the spindle water circulation, which can easily lead to poor spindle water circulation or blockage of the spindle water circulation.

2. What to do if the water-cooled spindle of the engraving machine is blocked?

2.1 Turn off the water pump, connect the air pipe of the air compressor to the water outlet of the water cooled spindle, clean up the residue inside the spindle with high pressure air, blow for a while, then connect the water pump for water circulation, and then use the air compressor to repeat the previous steps, repeating several times, generally it can be solved;

2.2 Or use an air gun to blow through the water cooled spindle, increase the power of the water pump, and thicken the water pipe;

2.3 The water quality of the water cycle is best to use barreled purified water, which can ensure that there are no impurities or scales. If you use tap water, you must have frequent replacement of water;

3. Pay attention to the water temperature of the water cycle

High water temperature will not have the effect of circulating cooling, which will affect the performance of the spindle.

The above points are some of the faults that water cooled spindle of woodworking engraving machine will often encounter. When facing these problems, as long as you follow the above troubleshooting methods one by one to eliminate them, you can deal with the problems better and faster, and let the engraving machine resume engraving processing faster.

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