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How to Properly Clean the Lens for Laser Cutting Machine?

There are many kinds of lenses for laser cutting machines, such as focusing lenses, protective lenses, etc., but the optical lenses in the laser system are consumables. For example, the focusing lens of a laser cutting machine is to focus the laser light into a focus. The smaller the focus, the smaller the divergence angle of the light. As long as the lens is clean, high light transmittance can be obtained. Therefore, the cleanliness of the focusing lens is very important. In addition, the energy density of the laser is very high, and the clean lens also needs to be cooled by water circulation, otherwise the lens will be heated and deformed, which will seriously affect the cutting quality. The protective lens for laser cutting machine, as the name suggests, is used to prevent dust and slag splashing from damaging the focusing lens. It is not only used in the laser cutting machine, but also necessary in other laser equipment, including laser marking, laser welding and laser. engraving etc. It can be seen that the application market of protective lenses is very large.

In order to prolong the service life and reduce the cost of use as much as possible, we need to master the operation steps of cleaning the lens of the laser cutting machine correctly. So what are the preventive measures and operation steps to properly clean the lens of the laser cutting machine?

Ⅰ. Correct methods of cleaning the lens for laser cutting machine

1. Be sure to wear finger cots or rubber gloves to install the laser cutting machine lens.

2. Sharp instruments are prohibited to avoid scratching the surface of the lens of the laser cutting machine.

3. When taking the lens of the laser cutting machine, take the edge of the lens to avoid contact with the film layer.

4. The environment for testing and cleaning the lens of the laser cutting machine should be dry and tidy, and several layers of cleaning paper towels and several sheets of cleaning lens tissue should be kept on the workbench.

5. Do not speak above the lens of the laser cutting machine, and keep potential contaminants (such as food, drinks, etc.) away from the working environment.

Ⅱ. Operation steps for cleaning the lens for laser cutting machine

1. Use a blower to blow off the floating objects on the surface of the original.

2. Use analytical pure acetone to lightly clean the lens, and the cleaning should be done at one time to avoid ripples.

3. If acetone does not remove all the dirt, then use acid vinegar (experimental grade vinegar diluted to 50% strength or household white vinegar with 6% acetic acid) to clean.

4. When the pollutants and the damage of the laser cutting machine lens cannot be cleaned and removed, the only way to restore good performance is to replace the laser cutting machine lens.

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