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Machinery Spare Parts List

There are many accessories for CNC machining centers. The use of different cnc accessories not only affects the performance of CNC machining centers, but also affects the price of a CNC machining center. Moreover, the standard configuration and matching of each company are different, and customers should choose carefully according to their specific needs.

The CNC machinery spare parts list has the following:

1. Numerical control system: The numerical control system is directly related to the machining efficiency of the machine tool and has a great impact on the price.

2. Tool magazine: The form of the tool magazine is different, and the tool change time is also different. The tool change time also directly affects the processing efficiency. And the number of tools needs to ask how many are standard, and then choose according to the needs.

3. Spindle: There are three common spindles in CNC machining centers, namely BT30, BT40, and BT50. The BT30 spindle is widely used in high-speed machining centers and drilling and tapping centers, with high speed and low cutting force, and is specially used for finishing. BT40 is a better oil than BT30. It can be used for finishing or roughing. The cutting force is better than BT30. BT50 is necessary for machining centers with large strokes, and has a large cutting force. It is the most suitable for heavy-duty cutting of ferrous metals.

4. Chip conveyor: It is also very important whether the chip conveyor is good or not. When the CNC machining center is working, if the chips accumulate too much, it will affect the processing quality and even damage the machine tool.

5. Lubrication system: The lubrication system is related to whether some important parts of the CNC machining center can work normally. If the lubrication is not in place, it may cause mechanical failures, such as spindle wear.

6. Cooling system: CNC machining centers often generate high heat when processing workpieces. If they cannot be cooled in time, the rest of the accessories will be deformed by heat over time, which will directly cause the machine tool to lose its proper function.

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