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Mini Size, Useful Function-stone Sucker Cup

When processing a plate, how it can be fixed has always troubled many engraving machine users.

Under normal pressure, a plate could be fixed at a certain position. However, under this circumstance, the plate can also be moved easily, which can eventually result in engraving misalignment and wasting raw materials.

In order to help our customers to overcome this issue, HYCNC has developed a series of CNC suction cups, which use the principle of vacuum adsorption to tightly fix the plate that is needed to be processed.

The suction cup HYCNC produces is suitable for smooth surfaces such as wood, stone, glass, etc. While using, it needs to be matched up with a vacuum pump, and the air is controlled by a hand valve to create a vacuum circumstance and suck the plate to achieve the state of fixation.

Advantages of our stone suction cups:

1. Adopting a thick rubber pad, they hold the advantages of good sealing and strong adsorption.

2. Using aluminum alloy as the main manufacturing material, HYCNC stone suction cups are durable and have a strong capacity.

3. They can free your hands without manual pressing

4. Customization of this series is available. Our suction cups are suitable for different processing needs.

Users who need this accessory can come to HYCNC to purchase it. At present, a big discount is available.

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