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Air Cooled Spindle Motor

The air-cooled CNC spindle motor is normally cooled by an independent fan. It has two shapes: round and square. While the round ones are usually fixed with spindle holders, the square ones with screw holes can typically be directly fixed to the machines. With the characteristics of high power and low temperature rise, the air-cooled CNC spindle motor is often used in CNC Nesting Machine of 3pcs spindles machine and 4pcs spindles machine. As a professional CNC parts manufacturer, Hongyang can provide you with various air-cooled motors with different power: 1.5 kw air cooled spindle motor and 800w air cooled spindle motor. 

Types of Air Cooled Spindle Motor

Tips of Using Air Cooled Spindle Motor

Please make sure that the air entering the spindle motor should be dry and clean.

If it is not used for a long time, the spindle should be oil sealed; when starting, in addition to removing the rust on the surface with gasoline, the following points should be noted.

1) Lubricate with oil mist for 3-5 minutes, twist the shaft by hand, and feel smooth or not.

2) Use a megohmmeter to check the insulation, which is more than 10 megohms.

3) Turn on the power, please run at 1/3 of the rated RPM for 1 hour, if everything is normal, speed up the operation of 1/2 of the rated RPM for 1 hour, if ok , then run at the full RPM for 1 hour Run.

Air Cooled Spindle Motor Operation Precautions

1.The air cooled spindle motor must be used in conjunction with the frequency converter, and the voltage power and frequency must be matched.

2.The spindle motor should be rotated in the direction marked by the motor, and it is strictly forbidden to change the direction. Observe the direction of rotation before starting

3.The spindle motor often encounters heat during normal operation. When the surface temperature of the air-cooled electric spindle and the environment temperature exceed 30 degrees, it can mainly be regarded as over heat.

4.When the motor is running, there is abnormal sound, or when the vibration is particularly loud, the noise becomes louder, and the bearing should be replaced.

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