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CNC Driver & CNC Router Motor

CNC Driver & CNC Router Motor

CNC machine drivers and CNC router motors are just similar to the arms and legs of the CNC router. The control system will transmit signals to the CNC motor drivers, and the drivers will then send the signals to CNC motors. Eventually, the motors will run to drive the subordinate CNC machine components.

Normally, the CNC drivers and router motors can be divided into stepping type and servo type. In comparison with the CNC stepper motor drivers and motors, CNC servo drivers and motors have faster speed and higher accuracy.

It should be noted that the drivers and motors must be the same brands and series, otherwise, they will not work.

CNC Router Motor vs Spindle Motor


1. Easy to use

Spindle motors are most suitable for advanced or professional users who fully understand how to use spindles to accomplish specific tasks. The spindle motor is designed to run for a long time without overheating or damage.

Almost anyone can use a router. Just plug it in and flip the switch. Therefore, it is favored by enthusiasts and is considered an excellent tool for CNC entry.


2. Power

Compared with routers, spindles are generally more suitable for high-power use. It is rated as an industrial equipment and uses an international standard root mean square (RMS) power supply. To be sure, it will continue to reach the power of propaganda.

For routers, the advertised power rating is usually "peak" horsepower. This means that the manufacturer can use the highest horsepower the router can achieve, even if it lasts a few seconds. This causes the tool to never be as powerful as the spindle.


3. Longevity and durability

If you do a lot of heavy CNC work, or just use your machine frequently, it is more worthwhile to use a spindle because routers tend to wear out more frequently when subjected to similar pressure.


4. Noise level

The spindle is driven by high frequency brushless. Compared with routers, this makes it quieter at work. However, if you are cutting, they will be noisy. Therefore, whether you are using a spindle or a router, you should always protect your ears.


5. Cooling

The main shaft is usually water-cooled, but smaller motors can be air-cooled. Water cooling systems require special equipment, including water tanks, pipes, pumps, and in some cases, cooling circuits. With routers, you don't need such settings because they are air-cooled.


6. Speed control accuracy

The spindle runs together with the VFD, making the RPM and speed control more accurate than the router, and ensuring virtual speed control. The router does not provide any feedback. In most use cases, this may be fine, but in other cases, you need to control the RPM directly on the router motor and control the speed (the speed at which the cutter cuts the material) manually or through a program.


7. Cost

The router is a relatively cheap item, and you can find it online or in your woodworking shop at any time. They can be replaced easily, so almost all sellers provide them with some kind of warranty. On the other hand, the cost of a spindle is usually ten times that of a router.

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