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CNC Router Inverter

CNC Router Inverter

Employing advanced frequency conversion technology and microelectronic technology, the CNC router inverter can effectively change the frequency and speed of spindle motors like the air cooled spindle motor and the water cooled spindle motor. While using the CNC router inverter, it should be noted that it is necessary to adjust the date of the inverter and make sure its setting is consistent with the rated frequency of the spindle motor before the spindle can be put into use.

How to Use CNC Router Inverter

1. Connect cnc system, frequency converter and motor according to the principle diagram of frequency converter;

2. Set the necessary parameters according to the nameplate identification of the frequency converter to let the frequency converter learn automatically;

3. Use vector control to learn the rotation of the frequency converter;

4. After self-study of the CNC router inverter, make detailed adjustments such as speed, braking, protection, etc.


Main features of CNC Router Inverter

1. Large low-frequency torque and stable output;

2. High-performance vector control;

3. The torque has fast dynamic response and high speed stability accuracy;

4. Decelerate and stop fast;

5. Strong anti-interference ability.

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