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CNC Router Parts List

Advantages of CNC Router

1. Larger working space: This is especially true compared to milling machines. The ratio of the overall machine area of the milling machine to the manufacturing platform is close to 1:1, while the ratio of similar vertical milling machines is about 3:1.

2. Ability to handle softer materials: These milling machines can handle wood and polyurethane foam due to the high spindle speed, but with much lower torque, but they can also cut the same materials as milling machines.

For more information on available desktops and kit CNC routers, please consult our guide on the best CNC router kits.


DIY CNC Router Parts

You will get a brief idea of the parts to learn more about CNC router spare parts. Use this guide to help you make good design for DIY CNC router projects.

1. Frame

The frame can support the machine and resist cutting forces with rigidity. Larger routers have brackets with feet or welded bases, while the smaller model sits on the bench.

2. Table

The CNC router table can be made of a variety of materials. The router workbench can also be made of consumable materials, such as MDF. In this case, if you plan to expend it and replace it when needed, it is usually called a spoilboard or wasteboard.

3. Spindle

The spindle is the heart of any CNC machine tool. Of course, it plays an important role in setting the performance potential of the machine.

4. Way

The CNC engraving machine has at least 3 axes. The shaft consists of some kind of sliding "channel" and a drive system that makes the shaft electric under the control of a computer.

5. Axis drive

The axis drive system of the CNC routers converts some form of motor rotation into linear motion, thereby driving the axis in a sliding manner.

6. CNC controller

The controller of the CNC milling machine is an electronic component responsible for executing g-code programming and sending the necessary electrical signals to make the motor move correctly to cut the part.

Hongyang CNC Router Parts FAQs

What factors should be considered when buying a spindle motor?

The purchase of a spindle motor must first determine the processing material. The spindle motor can be divided into carpentry, stone, and metal motors. If you replace the original broken spindle motor, you must choose the CNC router machine parts that hold the exact same power, voltage, speed, frequency, and diameter. For other purposes, please consult us for free.

How to match frequency inverter with spindle motor?

When choosing an inverter, it depends on the power of the CNC spindle motors. Be sure to choose bigger power than the spindle motor or the same power as a spindle motor. It is forbidden that the power of the inverter is less than spindle motor power. Water-cooled spindle or air-cooled spindle is the same choice theory, otherwise, The spindle motor will not work, the machine will trip (power off automatically). Then modify the inverter parameters, set the inverter to automatic control or manual control according to the processing needs, set the rated frequency of the inverter to be same with spindle motor, when modify done, then connect the wire to power on.

Install the new spindle motor, but it reverses, how to solve it?

If the spindle motor is reversed, just replace the two wires of UV on the inverter.

How my CNC router is misplaced when engraving, why and how to solve it?

If it happens on a ball screw transmission machine, the high probability is that this problem is caused by the ball screw installation which is not vertical or parallel, or the failure of the CNC stepper motor driver. The problem can also be caused by the aging of the electric wire whose contact is really poor. As for the problems regarding the machines driven by the CNC rack, you should then check whether the belt of the CNC gearbox is loose.

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