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CW CWD860H CNC Driver

product name:

CW CWD860H cnc driver

Voltage :

AC, DC18-80V

Match motor :

Nema23, nema34 stepper motor

Package dimensions:    


Product introduction:


1. Built-in fan cooling

2. Divided into 4 subdivisions and 8 subdivisions

3. The current setting is convenient, you can choose between 2.4-7.2 (effective value)

4, 4 digit dialing code, a total of 16 subdivisions

5. Ultra-low vibration noise

6. Impulse response frequency up to 200KHz

Commonly used 70V800W DC power supply or 70v AC transformer power supply, one power supply can support up to 4 drivers

Instructions for use:

The CNC driver drives the stepper motor. The driver needs to select the power supply according to its supported voltage range. Then the driver is connected with the stepper motor and the control system, and the control system controls the cnc router machine running .

Solution of CW CWD860H CNC Driver


Possible problem


The motor does not rotate

Power light is off

Working normal  

Current setting is too small

According to the rated current of the motor, select the appropriate current gear

Drive is protected

After the fault is excluded, power on again

Control signal problems

Check whether the amplitude and width of the control signal meet the requirements

Wrong direction of motor rotation

Wrong connection of motor wire

Arbitrarily exchange two wires of the same phase of the motor (for example, A + A- exchange wiring position)

Motor wire is broken

Check and connect

Alarm indicator light

Wrong connection of motor wire

Check wiring

The voltage is too high or too low

Check the power supply voltage

Damaged motor or driver

Replace motor or driver

Inaccurate location

Signal is disturbed

Eliminate interference

Shielded ground wire is not connected or not connected

Reliable ground

Segmentation error

Set subdivision correctly

Current is too small

Increase the current appropriately

Control signal problems

Check whether the control signal meets the timing requirements

Stall when the motor accelerates speed

The acceleration time is too short

Increase the acceleration time appropriately

Motor torque is too small

Choose high torque motor

Low voltage or too low current

Properly increase the voltage or set a larger current

Solution of CW CWD860H CNC Driver
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