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CW3000 Industrial Water Chiller
CW3000 Water Chiller
CW3000 Chiller
CW3000 Industrial Water Chiller

CW3000 Industrial Water Chiller

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CW3000 Industrial water chiller

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Jinan Shandong

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Introduction and Description of CW3000 Industrial Water Chiller

Applicable scene: engraving machine / laser machine.

Structure: ordinary water pump + water tank + fan + heat dissipation tube + power supply.

Description: Water pipe equipped with cw3000 water chiller 8 * 12, length 920mm, power cable1.8m.

Temperature control: It is not possible to adjust the temperature. The heat is forced to be lost by air cooling. The heat dissipation capacity is closely related to the outside temperature. The water pipe is required to be controlled at about 10m, the inner diameter of the pipe diameter is not less than 6m, and the total power of the spindle motor is not more than 4KW.

Selection description:

The laser machine can be used to cool 1pcs 80w carbon dioxide laser tube;

Can meet the cooling of 2pcs 1.5kw spindle or 1pcs 3kw spindle;

Also suitable for laboratory equipment.

Tips: how to choose a suitable water chiller?

1. Choose the matching cooling capacity means the cooling capacity of the chiller must be greater than the calorific value that needs to be cooled.

2. Choose the water flow matching means the water flow must match the flow required by the control, and different flow rates will affect the accuracy and efficiency of different temperature controls.

3. Choose the temperature control mode and accuracy that match means different temperature control modes and accuracy directly affect the suitability of the chiller.

4. Find a powerful and trustworthy supplier. Only the industrial chillers with strong manufacturers will have sufficient technical support and timely after-sales service.

Introduction and Description of CW3000 Industrial Water Chiller
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