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CW5200 Industrial Water Chiller
CW5200 Chiller
CW5200 Chiller Price
CW5200 Industrial Water Chiller

CW5200 Industrial Water Chiller

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cw5200 Industrial water chiller


Hongyang / HYCNC


CW5200 single in single out

CW5200 double in and double out



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Jinan Shandong

Introduction and Description of CW5200 Industrial Water Chiller

Applicable scene: engraving machine / laser machine.

Structure: Water pump 55w + water tank + fan + compressor + heat pipe + power supply (water pump flow 19 liters / min,)

Temperature control: 5 ℃ -30 ℃ can be controlled.

Description: The tube equipped with the cw5200 chiller is 8 * 12. The length is 920mm, and the power cord is 1.8 meters.

Selection advice:

1. CW5200 single input single output can be used for laser machine. It can be applied to 1 pcs130w carbon dioxide laser tube; It can cool 1pcs 15w-30w solid laser or 30w metal radio frequency tube; It can also be used to cool 1pcs 7.5kw cnc spindle or welding equipment;It is also suitable for laboratory equipment.

2. CW5200 double in and double out can be used to cool 2pcs 100w CO2 laser tube and multiple CNC spindles. It is also suitable for laboratory equipment.

Tips: how to choose a suitable water chiller?

1. Choose the matching cooling capacity means the cooling capacity of the chiller must be greater than the calorific value that needs to be cooled.

2. Choose the water flow matching means the water flow must match the flow required by the control, and different low rates will affect the accuracy and efficiency of different temperature controls.

3. Choose the temperature control mode and accuracy that match means different temperature control modes and accuracy directly affect the suitability of the chiller.

4. Find a powerful and trustworthy supplier. Remember, only chillers with strong manufacturers will have sufficient technical support and timely after-sales service.

Introduction and Description of CW5200 Industrial Water Chiller
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