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Guanyang Power Supply 400W-40-A1
Guanyang Power Supply 400W-40-A2
Guanyang Power Supply 400W-40-A3
Guanyang Power Supply 400W-40-A1

Guanyang Power Supply 400W-40-A

product name:

Guanyang power supply

brand name:

Shanghai Guanyang

Model number:


AC input:


DC output:


cooling method:

Natural wind

product material :

Galvanized aluminum shell

product weight:


Product Composition:

Power supply shell, circuit board, fan

Product Usage:

Industrial control systems, machinery and equipment, engraving machines


Connect each circuit to the circuit board

Details Of Guanyang Power Supply 400W-40-A

This CNC router power supply's out shell uses galvanized aluminium and hollow design. Its positive side and backside both use fan cooling, have strong heat dissipation ability and can adapt to high-temperature environment. With the internal use of a high-frequency pure copper transformer, the new chip is safe and stable.

Power Supply 400W-40-A1

Power Supply 400W-40-A2

Details Of Guanyang Power Supply 400W-40-A
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