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JBK5-1600VA Engraving Machine Transformer
JBK5-1600VA Engraving Machine Transformer1
JBK5-1600VA Engraving Machine Transformer2
JBK5-1600VA Engraving Machine Transformer

JBK5-1600VA Engraving Machine Transformer

product name::

Machine tool control transformer

brand name:

Product number:



Product Specifications:


Product parameters::

Convert 220v voltage to 70V

product structure:

It is composed of silicon steel sheet and coil in two parts

Input volage:


The output voltage:


product weight:

Output several groups:


Output 6 groups

Features Of JBK5-1600VA Engraving Machine Transformer

JBK5 series products

1. Scope of application and product features:

JBK5 series machine tool control transformers comply with international national standards such as VDE0550, IEC439, JB/T5555, GB5226 and so on. This JBK5-1600VA engraving machine transformer is suitable for 50 ~ 60Hz equipment, whose input and the output voltage is not higher than 600V. It can be used as mechanical equipment in various industries, general electrical control and work lighting power supply. JBK5 series transformers are welded by high-quality silicon steel sheets with low power consumption and are welded by argon arc welding. They have the characteristics of low no-load loss, high output efficiency, low-temperature rise, and no noise.

JBK5-1600VA Engraving Machine Transformer

Installation size A*C(mm): 136*115.5

Dimensions B*D*E(mm): 169*140*165

Weight: 15.5kg

JBK5-1600VA Engraving Machine Transformer1

Features Of JBK5-1600VA Engraving Machine Transformer
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