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Leadshine758 Hybrid Servo Motor
Leadshine758 Hybrid Servo Motor2
Leadshine758 Hybrid Servo Motor3
Leadshine758 Hybrid Servo Motor4
Leadshine758 Hybrid Servo Motor

Leadshine758 Hybrid Servo Motor

Product Name:

leadshine758 hybrid servo motor

Operating Voltage:

AC, DC50V-80V

Driver Model:


Motor Model:


Encoder Length Meters:


Step Angle:


Shaft Diameter:




1. Built-in fan cooling

2. Six-digit digital tube display, which is convenient for setting parameters and monitoring motor running status, etc.

3. The output current is automatically adjusted (in the range of 0--8A)

4. Subdivision setting (within 200~51200)

5. With over current, over voltage and tracking error out of tolerance protection

6. Impulse response frequency up to 200KHz

7.Commonly used 70v DC power supply or AC transformer power supply

Package Dimensions:

Instructions For Use:

The CNC driver drives the stepper motor. The driver needs to select the power supply according to its supported voltage range. Then the driver is connected with the stepper motor and the control system, and the control system controls the cnc router machine running .

Solution of Leadshine758 Hybrid Servo Motor

Driver modelMotor modelTorqueEncoder length : metersStep angleShaft diameterMotor body length  (L)  mm
H2-75886HSM80-E17N8meters1.8°14 with slot126



Failure analysis and solution

When this type of CNC servo driver fails, the driver will stop and prompt the corresponding fault code.

Under these circumstances, users need to first turn the power off, then power on again, and the fault will be cleared. When the driver fails, the driver will store the latest fault in the driver's EEPROM in the form of a queue, and the driver will save up to 10 latest historical faults.

The user can read the corresponding fault code through the PC and the text display.

error code



Er 001

Over current protection

1. Restart the drive;

2. If restart the drive, still alarm, check if the motor power line is short-circuited.

3. Unplug the motor power line, restart the drive, still alarm, the drive is damaged, please return to repair;

Er 002

Over voltage protection

1. Restart the drive;

2. If restart the driver, the alarm still exists, check if the power supply voltage is too high;

Er 020

Out of tolerance protection

1. Check if PA08 "Encoder Resolution" is set incorrectly;

2. Check the wiring between the motor and the driver, whether the phase sequence is wrong (motor

A+\A-, B+\B- must correspond strictly to drive A+\A-, B+\B-);

Check whether the encoder cable is broken;

3. The acceleration time is appropriately extended;

4. Check whether the motor is blocked.

Wrong motor rotation direction

Wrong motor direction setting

Check if the PA19 setting is correct

The motor does not rotate

No pulse signal, wrong enable level setting

1. Use the test drive function to test. Set PA28 to 1,

Observe whether the motor is running, if the motor is running, check the pulse signal

Whether the wiring is correct. If the motor is not running, check the power cord

Whether the connecting line with the encoder is normal;

(Special attention: Before using the trial operation function, please ensure the safety of personnel,

Make sure the machine has no risk of impact, otherwise it is forbidden to use this function)

2. When using external enable (controlled by ENA+ and ENA-), enable

Is the level "PA15" set correctly

The motor only rotates in one direction

Pulse mode selection error

1. Check if the PA17 pulse mode is set correctly

No direction signal

2. Check whether the direction signal cable is connected correctly

Solution of Leadshine758 Hybrid Servo Motor
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