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Renovation of Air-cooled Spindle and Water-cooled Motor for Engraving Machine

1. Mutual transformation of air cooled spindle and water cooled spindle

Many users have encountered a new problem. For example, they used a water cooled spindle before, but now they want to change it to an air cooled spindle. Or maybe they have an air cooled spindle, now they want a water cooled electric spindle. What issues should be noted?

2. How to transform air cooled spindle and water cooled spindle

In fact, it is not complicated to change the spindle. The problem is that when you buy the spindle, you must find the right merchant. You can't look for refurbished or counterfeit products sold by bad merchants at a low price. What is needed here is a certain formal channel to purchase authentic and guaranteed engraving machine accessories.

If it is air cooled spindle that need to be changed to a water cooled spindle, this saves the trouble of connecting waterways.

If it is a circular air cooled spindle, it is relatively simple to change to a water cooled spindle, because it is generally circular, you only need to buy a water cooled spindle to replace it. If the square air cooled spindle was changed to water cooled spindle, it would be more complicated, because the installation method is different, we need to purchase a spindle holder to fix the water cooled spindle. It should be noted that when installing the holder, try to ensure the verticality of the spindle and the table surface.

If it is changed from water cooled spindle to air cooled spindle, it is actually the same as changing from air cooled spindle to water cooled spindle, just the reverse operation process.

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