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Small Size, Big Effect-dust Shoe

The advertising engraving process can easily produce mass dust, which will greatly affect the air environment and also affect the operators' respiratory tracts. To solve this problem, HYCNC has developed a patented product-CNC router spindle push-pull dust shoe.

This type of CNC dust extractor can be effectively used for woodworking advertising work. Its iron structure is very durable. It is more convenient to clean up dust with a 70mm high brush and it is suitable for spindles whose diameters are 65mm, 70mm, 75mm, 80mm, 85mm, 90mm, 100mm, or 125mm.

The advantages of HYCNC's CNC router spindle push-pull dust shoe:

  • Fastly locking screws, more convenient and efficient

  • Push-pull style, more convenient to replace engraving bit

  • Work perfectly with dust collector.

HYCNC dust shoe has 2 ports. While one port is fixed to the spindle, another port is installed with the dust pipe and connected to the dust collector. During the operation of the machine, the dust will pass through the dust pipe and enter the cloth bag. The dust can be cleaned together, which will also greatly improve your work efficiency.

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