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Spindle Motor Maintenance and Protection

Due to the factors of the working environment, the spindle motor is the largest equipment accessory in contact with processed work pieces and scraps, and the performance of the spindle motor also greatly affects the processing crafts. Therefore, the spindle motor must be maintained and protected during daily production and processing.

(1) After daily working, you need to clean up the router spindle motor. If this habit is formed, the most important maintenance work of the spindle motor will be done!

(2) After daily working, you need to aslo use vacuum cleaner to clean up waste debris on the spindle head and tail, to prevent waste debris from accumulating, to avoid waste debris entering into the bearing and accelerate the loss of the bearing, and to avoid waste debris entering into spindle tail, causing the motor to be short-circuited and burned.

(3) When replacing the router carving bit, the operator must disassemble the ER collect, and ER spring. It is forbidden to directly plug and unplug the bit!

(4) After disassembling the bit, clean up the ER collect and ER spring. If pay attention to this detail well, the lifespan of your spindle motor can be greatly extended!

(5) After turning the motor on, the operator must check the cooling water flow of the motor,

Check whether the water pump is working properly. 

Check whether the cooling water is contaminated by scale and microorganisms, and water must clean and pure.

Check whether the water pipe is normal, and the cooling water must circulate normally!

If there is no cooling water, it is then forbidden to start the spindle motor!

(6) Be sure to use the spindle motor according to the specification!

In addition to the above regulations, operators are also prohibited from operating without training. When the spindle motor fails, do not disassemble it. You should contact the professional manufacturer for maintenance and troubleshooting in time.  

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