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The Differences Between Circular Guides and Linear Guides

The guide rails used by an engraving machine can be classified as circular guide rails and linear guide rails according to their appearance. Circular guide rails normally have a circular appearance, while linear guide rails, also called square guide rails, have a rectangle appearance. In the field of engraving machines, square guide rails have broader use than circular ones.

The SBR series of round guide rail is a linear guide rail combined with aluminum alloy as the support and a cylindrical linear optical axis as the guide axis. It's a rolling guide rail, and with the reciprocating motion of the rolling steel ball from sliders and guides, the load platform can perform linear motion accurately along the track. Compared with the traditional guide rails of machines, the friction coefficient of rolling guide rails can reduce to the 1/50 of its original figure. Because of the reduction of the starting friction, the occurrence of ineffective movements is relatively reduced, so it can achieve an accurate feeding and positioning. However, since the circular guide rail is a series of ball-point contact, this type of CNC router parts also has disadvantages of limited areas needing support, poor rigidity, and limited load performance. It only has a good bearing capacity in the radial direction, and its axial load is relatively small.

With large friction and uniform load, square guide rail, such as the series of authenticity of silver HG, adopts the surface contact friction. It requires frequent lubrication. Linear guide rails have the features of high positional accuracy and extremely low frictional coefficient, especially the small gap between static friction and dynamic force. Even if during micro-feeding, there will be no idling skid. With linear guide rail, the woodworking engraving machines can maintain the positional accuracy of rolling friction at the level of μm and the low frictional resistance for a long time.

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