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Tips for Engraving Machine Users: How to Choose the Right Spindle Motor?

Engraving machines have a very wide variety such as CNC engraving machine, laser engraving machine, metal engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, wood engraving machine, and stone engraving machine. We can choose the appropriate engraving machine spindle according to different engraving industries.

1. Advertising engraving machine: Since the material for advertising engraving is relatively soft, the power of advertising engraving machine spindles is normally located in the range of 1.5kw to 3.0kw. Choosing engraving spindles within this power range can not only achieve the purpose of carving but also save costs.

2. Wood engraving machine: The power of wood engraving machine should be chosen according to the hardness of the processed wood. In general, the power range of 2.2kw to 4.5kw is most reasonable.

3. Stone engraving machine: The spindle of stone engraving machines has relatively higher power, and a special spindle for carving stone is needed. Generally, the power should be 4.5kw to 7.5kw, and the most common one is the 5.5 kw spindle motor.

4. Tombstone engraving machine: Ordinary tombstones for carving can utilize the 3.2kw spindle motor. The 3.2kw spindle motor produced by HYCNC be connected to both 220V household electricity and 380V industrial electricity. You can choose one of them. However, if you need to carve granite relief, baluster relief, monument cap, monument eave, and so on, you will then need to choose the 5.5kw water-cooled spindle motor, and the power supply must be industrial. In this way, the torque is big enough so that the power is sufficient. But it should be noted that to use 5.5kw spindle motor, the power supply must be 380V industrial power because 220V household power is not supported.

5. Jade engraving machine: The power of the jade engraving machine's spindle motor should be 2.2kw to 3.0kw, because its machine body is relatively small, and there is a high demand for the precision of spindle.

6. Metal engraving machine: For metal engraving, you must choose machines with constant torque or constant power. Thus, there is a high demand for the precision of spindle and for the depth of every cutting. In general, you can choose spindle motors with 3.2kw power or over 5.5kw.

When the spindle works, the fast rotation will generate a lot of heat. If the heat can't dissipate in time, it will damage the service life of the spindle or even burn down the spindle if it's severe. There are two main methods for spindles to lose heat: water cooling and air cooling. So, what's the difference between the air-cooled spindle and water-cooled spindle that we usually say? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

1. As its name suggests, water-cooling cools the heat generated by the spindle's fast rotation by using water circulation. It's very effective because the temperature of the water after circulation (normal tests) won't be over 40 degrees; on the contrary, air-cooled spindle loses heat with the wind, so it's certainly less effective than water-cooled spindle motors.

2. Noise. The water-cooled spindle is basically noiseless, but the air-cooled spindle is very loud.

3. Service life. If you use a water-cooled spindle, you need to focus on maintenance. You have to change the water frequently or use an industrial water cooling machine. In this way, the service life of your water-cooled spindle will be longer than the air-cooled spindle!

4. Precision. The direction and radial runout of the water-cooled spindle is generally under 0.003, which is much better than the air-cooled spindle motor.

5. Convenience. The water-cooled spindle needs a water pump, so it needs buckets to hold water and pipes to connect. Especially in the northern winter, water-cooled spindle is easy to get frozen, and some customers may feel troublesome. Compared with that, the air-cooled spindle doesn't hold such problems. Therefore, we can use a water-cooled spindle in summer and use an air-cooled spindle in winter.

After reading the information above, HYCNC believes you can choose the most appropriate spindle with the help from our customer service.

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