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Troubleshooting of CNC Servo Driver

1. Introduction of CNC servo driver

Modern CNC machine tools take CNC servo drivers as the mainstream, including CNC servo drivers and servo motors. The servo system is divided into semi-closed loop and closed loop system. Compared with traditional stepping motors, servo motors are equipped with measurement feedback devices, which have the advantages of high positioning accuracy, high efficiency, fast response, and smooth transition between the lowest speed and the highest speed. If the CNC servo driver or servo motor fails, there will be a corresponding alarm code displayed on the drive display.

2. Troubleshooting of CNC servo driver

Generally speaking, if the CNC servo driver gives an alarm as soon as it is powered on, it is very likely that the drive has been burned out. If the alarm occurs during operation or after a period of power-on, it is likely to be caused by an external problem.

The alarm code of the CNC servo driver cannot be 100% accurate, but it provides a reference and direction for the maintenance personnel. The analysis should be paid attention to during maintenance, and the principle of external to internal should be followed when handling. Regardless of the fault, the inspection and repair can make a detailed analysis of the following: whether the parameter settings of the system and the CNC servo driver are correct; whether the power supply voltage is normal; whether the circuit has open circuits and short circuits; whether the insulation of the motor is good; whether the CNC servo driver and Whether the motor itself is faulty. If it only appears when the motor is running, it should be considered whether the parameters of the CNC servo driver and the motor match; whether the pulse command frequency output by the system is too high; whether the acceleration and deceleration time constant is too small; whether the electronic gear ratio is set too large; overshoot caused by inappropriate gain parameters of the CNC servo driver.

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