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Water Pump or Chiller, Which is More Suitable for Cooling Your Spindle?

Recently, CNC water chillers are becoming more and more used in the field of the engraving machine spindle. In the past, most spindle customers would employ the traditional cooling method of water pump and bucket to cool the spindle. From the point of view of frequency of use, if you don't use the spindle machine quite often, you can choose the water cooling pump as your cooling system since it is more cost-effective. 

However, If your machine will work for a long time, you are then recommended to purchase CNC water chillers. Let's analyze comprehensively.

1. Cost of water pump and CNC water chiller

Since water chillers belong to the category of industrial equipment, they are indeed more expensive than the traditional combination of water pumps and buckets.

2. Maintenance of water pump and CNC water chiller

Because sometimes the dirty cooling water in water pumps may cause the spindle to be blocked and burned, the traditional water pump cooling method requires labor to monitor the change of cooling water temperature and whether the cooling water is clean or not. Different from water pumps, CNC water chillers possess the functions of water flow alarm and ultra-high temperature alarm. Thus, regarding the maintenance of water chillers, you only need to do the daily maintenance.

3. Cooling effectiveness of water pump and CNC water chiller

Traditional pump cooling can't control the cooling water's temperature, and its effectiveness is also unstable. However,the advanced CNC water chillers produced by HYCNC have the functions of intelligent temperature control and manual temperature adjustment.

4. Service life of water pump and CNC water chiller

The cooling water of a traditional water cooling pump is easy to be mixed with impurities because the bucket isn't air-sealed. As a result, the water pump is not highly wearable and its rotor is easy to get burned. Compared with water pumps, not only is the water chiller highly-sealed, but it is also capable of protecting the cooling water from dust or impurities, so it's very durable.

To sum up, if you are looking for cooling systems that can work for a long time, then water chillers can win by an absolute margin.

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