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What is the Reason for the Loud Noise of the Air Cooled Spindle of Engraving Machine, and How to Deal with It

1. The noise of the air cooled spindle is more obvious

With the progress of the times, traditional manual work has been replaced by automated equipment. Numerical control engraving machine is a very prominent example, the application of engraving machine has penetrated into all industries. However, there will be some problems with the use of engraving machines, which is that the spindle of the engraving machine is noisy, especially the air cooled spindle.

2. What is the reason for the loud noise of the air cooled spindle of engraving machine, and how to deal with it

The spindle of the computer engraving machine is divided into water cooled spindle and air cooled spindle. Generally, the noise of the water cooled spindle is less than that of the air cooled spindle. Therefore, if there are no residents living around the customer's factory or stores, the engraving machine can equipped with a water cooled spindle. Because it will not disturb people even if the noise is a little bit louder. But if you opened a factory in a residential area, when the air-cooled spindle operates, basically neighbors will come to you for complaints every day. At this time, you can only replace it with water cooled spindle.

If you find that your air cooled spindle is noisy or abnormal compared to usual, most of it is caused by problems with the internal bearings. At this time, you need to replace the bearings of spindle of the engraving machine. If the spindle is under warranty, you can directly send it back to the manufacturer for warranty processing. If the warranty period expires, it will not matter either. Please sent it back to the manufacturer to arrange a professional master for inspection and repair. You only need to pay a very low cost, and don't need to find unprofessional repairs on the market, the technology and service provided by them can not be guaranteed.

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