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What Parts Are Needed to Upgrade a CNC Machine?

Today, many companies repurchase new machines due to business and job requirements. Such as: CNC machining center, CNC high-speed machine, engraving machine. So when buying such machines and equipment, what tools and accessories should be purchased to use them in order to work in an orderly manner! Which tools and accessories have a better overall price/performance ratio?

Ⅰ. CNC machine parts list

1. Configure the parts of the CNC machine tool

1 universal knife sharpener, 2 BT powerful cutter heads, 1 locking pedestal, 1 locking knife wrench and 1 workpiece locking wrench, 1 set of ER extension rod, 2 sets of ER straight elastic collets, 1 tool setter pcs, 1 vise, 1 spindle cleaning rod, 2 eccentric sub-center rods, 2 sets of universal clamps (screws, nuts), 1 dial indicator, 2-3 workpiece fixture plates (can be processed by yourself) ), etc., these specific models and specifications are different.

2. Configuration of CNC tools

1 tool cabinet, between 5-10 tungsten carbide milling cutters, flat knives and ball knives (R knives) of various specifications, 2-3 pieces of flying knife bars of various specifications, and 5-10 boxes of each type of knives.

Ⅱ. Principles and main points of the CNC machine parts list

When purchasing tool accessories, you should fully understand the company's cnc machine parts list, the specifications and models of various accessories, the brand the company requires to buy, and find a powerful tool and accessories company for consultation. The best supplier has professional CNC technical engineers. Asking for a list of the machine's configuration saves time and effort. There are several brands of tool accessories in this line, such as: Japanese, Taiwanese, European and American, domestic, price and quality.

The selection of tools should be based on the company's machining requirements, quality, and processing materials in advance, and should be selected from Japan, Taiwan, Europe and the United States, and China. At the same time, buyers should not compare prices repeatedly without comprehensive cost performance. Tungsten carbide milling cutters are general and ordinary flying all over the sky. It is difficult to purchase this project and it is complicated. You should choose some companies that have their own production workshops, technical engineers and some technical support for cooperation. In this way, the delivery time, quality, understanding of technical parameters and the company's production quality are guaranteed.

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